About Us

Simply our mission is roasting with passion only the highest quality specialty coffee, fresh as you order.


We strive to select the finest quality organic green beans from around the world through trusted importers we partnered with. We then roast each batch fresh and thoughtfully, creating extraordinary consistent flavors only to meet the expectation of our customers for an unforgettable taste.



Coffee is not just to drink – it is to enjoy! WE ARE DEDICATED TO FRESHNESS—we roast and package within 24 hours of your order. Our offerings include a range of delicate and vibrant single origins along with artistic blends that are meant to make you pleased no matter how you take your coffee.


Meet the Team


Vigorous Coffee is a business owned and lead by a married couple who are both ambitious, determined and highly motivated entrepreneurs. The Coffee Guru and Master Roaster, Sam, who holds a Q Grader License has traded on three different continents for over 15 years. His experience is immeasurable and profound.  His wife, Heba, the CEO and Director with extensive knowledge in business  fundamentals, is equally as passionate about coffee.  Sam and Heba share a relentless commitment to their business and hope you will jump on board with them in this endeavor.

sam and heba 1